Do you really need a logo?

logoSo you are starting up a business. You have the name ready.
And to make that name memorable, you want a logo.

It is a good idea.

Some businesses are mostly remembered by their logos. Logo plays an integral part in branding.

But do you really need one?

Not necessarily.

Because it might easily be done wrong to convey a wrong message or impression about your business.
You might be concerned about species in extinction, but having a logo of Tortoise for a courier business is not a good idea.

Or your logo may even look cliched.
Have you ever seen a heating and cooling business without a logo that has a blue snowflake and red sun, not to mention the home?

Don’t get into thinking that having a logo will make you look more professional.

Or bring more business.

For a small business, especially the one-man army types, you don’t need one.
Sure, once your business grows and you start building franchises, you will need one.

For some professions, your face is your logo. Like real estate agents and personal injury lawyers. It separates you from the rest or others who carry the same logo of the main company. (But to tell the truth, when I look at some pictures of professionals, I have trust issues.)
It may not be appropriate to use your face like a logo for every business, unless you are a real narcissist.
So when do you need a logo?
For that, you have to know what a logo does.
Its main purpose is to identify your business. It is not your logo’s job to sell more products.

When you make your logo to explain your business, it becomes a cliche.

How many automakers have cars in their logo?
If they did, they would be competing with auto repair people.

How many banks have dollar sign in their logo?
If they did, they would look cheap, like dollar stores.

But this is where most people make mistakes.
They want to explain what they do in logos.

Look at Apple. Do they have anything to do with apples?
Though their original Mac might have made a nice logo.

So what should you do?

You can still carry on your business without a logo.

If you really want to have one…

Your logo can be anything, as long as it doesn’t convey the wrong message or impression.

It doesn’t even have to be a picture. It can simply be a set of letters.

Then it is the job of your marketing to make the logo memorable.
To imprint the logo in the psyche of the masses.

Because it was the marketing that made the logo of a fruit to sell things, from computers to phones.
The marketing professionals simply imprinted that logo in the psyche of the masses.

Now the masses buy anything that is imprinted with that logo.

That is what you want your logo to do!